Meistaramót | English
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Meistaramótið í betri bolta is the Icelandic pre-qualifying stage for the golf tournament International Pairs. Any amateur golfer with að valid handicap can register for a spot in the tournament here on the webpage. The first stage is played over a period of 40 days, where the golfers three best scores qualify for a medium score over the period.

The 38 best scores, along with 10 random participants are then offered a place in the Icelandic International Pairs qualifying tournament along with a friend of their own choice. The Icelandic final is played at Kiðjaberg on August 16th. The final is a fourball, 18 hole, stableford competition.

The winners of the finals will represent Iceland at the International Pairs final tournament in Portugal, November 2021.

Secure your place today.